Einstein's Life

Part 1: Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony

The story of who Einstein was and how he lived. The dawn of the new century brought many great discoveries, among them was his most famous E=mc² which life measurable of not predictable. He predicted how the speed of light would be constant rather that time. This had revolutionised science forever but then came along the the theory of relativity which predicted the unmeasurable states of the atom. This new idea did not “sound right” to Einstein and his stubborness to accept it meant that he spent a good part of his life trying to proove otherwise. (Full Program Summary: BBC-Horizons)

Part 2: Einstein’s Equation of Life and Death

Story About how one of the most famous equations E=mc² became the equation of life (generate nuclear power) and death (Hiroshima). As Albert Einstein wrote a letter of warning to the then president of USA Roosevelt, he did not realize that his letter would not only warn the world of the danger ahead, but also inspire then to device it.   (Program Summary: BBC-Horizons)